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the Way of the Self Portrait

Heath graduated with a B.A. in Art, then obtained an Elementary Teaching Credential, and, 20 years later, earned a Masters in Spirituality. Her true credentials, however, come from outside the academic setting: through a constant pursuit of learning and growth, through entrepreneurial and non-traditional life experiences, and through her questioning nature. She has experienced four significant chapters: Elementary school art teacher, textile designer, right livelihood counselor, and photographer/bookartist.

She was an early pioneer in "right livelihood" starting in 1984 as a teacher and counselor. She was on staff at a counseling center for 7 years and has had a private practice for 20 years, helping people find meaning, especially in their work. In 1991 she created the newsletter, LifeWork, which she wrote and published for 12 years. In 2001, she published LifeWork, Celebrating 10 Years, a 135 page collection.

As a bookartist, Heath explores both broader and more personal topics than right livelihood: friendship, trust, listening, stillness, balance, belonging to oneself.... She weaves her prose and Polaroid transfer images together in small, editioned books as well as altar cards under the name Sacred Seeds Press. As a photographer, she works predominantly with the Polaroid Transfer process, which produces a painterly effect with a richness and depth of color distinctly different than a photograph.

In 2002, combining her counseling and art backgrounds, Heath launched The Way of the Self Portrait bookmaking workshop, with the vision of providing an experience of healing through creativity, connecting women and their stories through bookmaking. She provides the structure, support, and guidance for powerful inner exploration and self expression. Heath teaches at The San Francisco Center for the Book and chaired the Center's bookarts group in 2002 and 2003. She is also a member of the bookarts group in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering The Way of the Self Portrait there in the Spring of 2004.

Since 1987, she has studied with cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., author of the Four Fold Way, and has incorporated many of the indigenous wisdom teachings into her counseling and writing. Heath has also studied with, and co-teaches with Kathleen Carr, author of Polaroid Transfer by Amphoto, (1997) and is represented in Kathleen's 2nd book: Polaroid Manipulations also by Amphoto (2002).



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