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Born of a Watermelon Seed

a tender and inspirational story of a mother’s love for her child


I don’t know how but early on I knew
I was to learn
more from you
than you could ever learn
from me.

...Most of the time, after a brief shy moment,
you always wanted as much life as you could get.

...You are older now, no longer a wee one.
And still your spirit blazes and your heart
beats like a drum.
I think this will always be true.



5-1/4" x 6-1/4"
10 b&w drawings, machine stitched cover, handsewn double signature binding
28 pages, inkjet printed        
Price is $36.50, includes tax and shipping




        All images and text ©2006-2010 Heath Frost. All rights reserved.

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