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abc of Time

2nd in Alphabet series

Dismantling our time urgency by offering alternative ways to relate to time: through the alphabet, through nature’s cycles, from different cultural perspectives, through the comic strip characters from Non-Sequitur’s precocious Danae and her (imaginary) horse Lucy.


People have always been preoccupied with measuring and recording the passage of time.
In the climates where most people live, we have 4 distinct seasons and each of these seasons has its hidden flavor. Living as we do in heated and lighted buildings and towns, we tend to believe we behave more or less the same way in any season, but we do not...

If we move more in harmony with time, we would move more in harmony with each other as well.

Change your perception of time by trying to do six impossible things before breakfast. – Alice in Wonderland



5" x 6-1⁄2". “Flag” book structure (by Hedi Kyle)
Inkjet printed, 24 pages. Price including shipping and tax $37.50.

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