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Story Stones

Story Stones invite meaningful conversations with yourself and others. It is suggested for one to four people, as a solo focused self-inquiry or a way to share what has heart and meaning with important people in your life.

5 questions from the deck:

Who has been a catalyst for me recently?

How do I keep fun and play alive for myself?

One way I would like to be an inspiration for others is?...

A chapter I would like to write for myself for the future is?...

What is important to me that I am giving my time, attention and love to?


2 3/4" x 3 1/2" deck


  • deck of 54 cards with questions.
  • unique collection of hand gathered stones, selected for their unusual colors and markings.
  • an instruction booklet with suggestions, background and possible outcomes.
  • reflections journal: blank pages for recording insights and thoughts for future action.

Story Stones set is packaged in a 5" x 8" gauze bag
$35 includes tax and shipping



        All images and text ©2006-2010 Heath Frost. All rights reserved.

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