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What is the Sound of Remembering?

Collection of text from a variety of ancient and contemporary sources for reconnecting with ourselves and remembering what is important.


The Buddha did not sit down just to sit down.
He sat down to get up in a new way.

— source unknown

Wildness is a kind of silence, and silence is wild.
You can bring silence down from the mountain,
or you can find it in yourself.
The importance of silence
is that it allows you to hear.

— college student Stephen


6-3⁄8" x 5-1⁄2", 28 pages.
Joss paper (traditional Chinese paper used for ceremonial purposes) made of bamboo or rice, with gold leaf. Sewn binding. Price including tax and shipping $27.50

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        All images and text ©2006-2010 Heath Frost. All rights reserved.

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