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Pocket Poetry

For personal inspiration, for group connection, or for play, we can all be poets, anytime, anywhere.

...a traveling companion, a kick-start for the day, a 5-minute anytime retreat, a creative alternative to the cross word puzzle, a coffee companion, inspiration for the commute, a before-bed dream incubator... or when the creative muse needs a nudge.
Fear of the blank page and writer’s block are forever gone.


4-3⁄4" x 5" closed
Hand painted watercolor paper cover, each one unique
cover holds:
— a blank book for recording your poems
— 3 boards for laying out your words
— suggestions for 8 solo meditations and 5 collaborative jumpstarts.
— 5-1⁄2" x 3-1⁄4" gauze bag holds a handful of blanks plus a collection of over 500 poetic, creative, juicy words
Printed on both sides of heavy card stock. Price including shipping and tax $43.



        All images and text ©2006-2010 Heath Frost. All rights reserved.

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