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Aiming In


Aiming In: a self portrait


Who am I?
What is the thread in my soul
that connects where I have been
to where I am going?
What changes, what remains?
It is not so simple, finding what is true.

...can I descend to the blood and bones
of my spirit,
to the faith and longing that endures,
and to the mystery
that propels me?
...The two BIG questions
-what is really true
and, what is most important-
are not easy questions.



5-1/2" x 5-3/4". Polaroid transfer images, decorative papers, two signature sewn binding with centerfold, rubber stamped graphics, computer generated text and graphic symbols. 24 pp.
Price is $27.50, includes shipping and tax.


The idea of a self-portrait
started innocently enough:
plunk myself in front of the camera,
click a few…
But it didn’t end there.
It grew.
And then it grew some more.
I thought it would be simple.
I was wrong.
Perhaps I should have known...
Can the portrait of a soul be simple?
…This small book caught me by surprise.
An artist friend spoke of a self-portrait class assignment.
It aroused my curiosity . One thing led to the next:
the photographs wanted words, the words required pages,
the pages begged for the containment of a cover.




        All images and text ©2006-2009 Heath Frost. All rights reserved.

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