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Altar cards combine images and text into a visual prayer, touching upon universal themes: trust, friendship, belonging ....

You can create an instant "altar" for yourself or give them as gifts to friends to say thank you, I care about you, remember who you are. Having an altar card on a kitchen windowsill or office bookshelf provides a visual cue which helps our connection to ourselves and to what gives our lives meaning. Daily reminders for touching spirit and heart.

Heartbeat altar card series of 3
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Balance Point

Where is the balance point
between engagement
and retreat?
How can I bring more stillness
into my full life,
weaving silence into fullness?
How much is enough?



It is easy to leave behind my life’s noise and pace
not so easy
to descend
from speed
to stillness,
not so easy to find my own heartbeat.


Being still staying still

…having patience
with my impatience
and courage
to be
with myself
and the quiet of my solitude…






        All images and text ©2006-2009 Heath Frost. All rights reserved.

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